Roy Slavin’s “Skinnysticks” are created from wood, plaster impregnated gauze and acrylic paint. These ‘skinny’ characters represent the modern fascination with thin as beautiful. “Skinny as a stick” is the ideal that most contemporary ‘fashionistas’ aspire to. Roy has never been able to achieve this ideal. Over the years he has tried. But, he has never once been called skinny. What has worked for him while dieting is to keep in mind an image of a skinny persona, and to shove a 2x4 into his mouth whenever he pulls a chair up to his refrigerator. Rumor has it that if you rub the skinnystick whenever grazing it will take your mind off of food and help you lose weight. If that doesn’t work. . . shove the end of the piece in your mouth. . . that always works.